1st September, 2020


Lockdown has been exceedingly difficult, as it has taken its toll on my mind big time. From being extremely busy meeting deadlines, juggling home & work to suddenly having loads of time…. knocked me out. The fear of the unknown, no interaction with others (I am totally a people’s person), future survival, funding and selling all bought about a mental block.

Ha! Ha! Until now I had only heard or read about this “Artists Mental Block”, but now was truly experiencing it. It's not only scary but also a mentally draining experience that makes you feel lost and defunct.

Clay has always been part of my being. It is in my blood and has been like addiction to me, and suddenly to not be able to produce work left me scared and sad. The fear of producing bad work played a big part in my thought process. This was an unusual experience during unusual times.

To take my mind off this, I took to starting a food blog on Instagram. Food became my new medium of artistic expression. I started to teach cooking over zoom, and this majorly helped me to take my mind off my creative lull.

Initially, I was being pressured by my family members as to why I was wasting my time doing something totally different to clay. The more they pushed me the more I resisted. Surprisingly, as the lockdown eased my head space cleared and now, I am itching to go back to my studios.

I am going away for a short break with my family & friends and this too I think will help to rejuvenate me. I am looking forward to getting back to my routine as soon as we are back. My head is bursting and bubbling with new ideas and my mind feels like being on a “creative high”.

Patience and persistence, in my experience, are the keys to this problem.

“Working and moving are the main points- the pauses are really just tiny little blips”. I hope to bounce back with new vigour, passion and creativity in September 2020.

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